ENMU STEM Department

Who are we?

Eastern New Mexico University is one of five New Mexico higher education institutions to receive funding from the National Department of Education through the HSI-STEM grant (Hispanic Serving Institution- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Through this grant, we can provide a wide range of services to help students meet their goals in STEM education.

How does this affect your school?

One of our largest target audiences is pre-college students in the state of New Mexico.  We want to ensure students, grades 8 to 12, are aware of the opportunities available to them in STEM fields, today and in their near future.    We want to offer assistance to teachers, so that we can make these STEM opportunities readily available, without placing additional burden on our hard-working educators.

So, what opportunities are available?

Involvement in STEM competitions- There is a plethora of STEM related competitions and challenges open to junior high and high school age students.  There are events for nearly every STEM related field. Additionally, these competitions are diverse in the style of project entry.  Please see the attached lists for more information about these opportunities!

Exposure to STEM related careers and research- We can work with your school to arrange events that expose students to STEM fields in new ways.  We can aid in recruiting guest speakers to your school.  We can also arrange student visits to ENMU to tour our research labs.  During these visits, students would have the opportunity to speak with professional research scientists and college students about the career opportunities available in various STEM fields.

College and career readiness- We would love to talk to your students about the steps they need to take to pursue a career in STEM.  Many students are not sure the ways in which their passions and interests relate to STEM-field careers.  We are here to assist your students in that process, then help them determine what type of higher education they may need to pursue a given career path.

Resources for teachers- We are constantly discovering new resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.  Lessons plans, collections of data, and valuable websites are just a few of the resources we can provide to teachers for classroom utilization.

To Wrap Up…

Our goals are to provide STEM experiences to pre-college students that they may not receive elsewhere, expose students to careers and fields with which they may not be familiar, and express the expectations and steps students must take to reach their goals in STEM. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Zoey Sharp
HSI-STEM Outreach Coordinator
ENMU STEM Department